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Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross, LLP is happy to welcome Samantha Pungprakearti, an experienced Employment Law and Civil Litigation attorney, who adds her talents to the firm’s Litigation Department. Ms. Pungprakearti takes great pride in representing individuals and businesses in “behind the curtain” advising as well as vigorous legal advocacy in and out of court.






CMPR has created an HR Audit Legal Packageavailable to current clients who need a Human Resources checkup.  This package will help small and medium-sized companies ensure they are complying with California and federal laws with regard to their employees and Independent Contractors and is focused on addressing the most commonly litigated claims in Employment Law.  An attorney will come to your place of business to review the following:
A. Pay Practices

  1. Review pay practices, including classification of exempt and non-exempt employees, to ensure pay practices are legally compliant and cost effective;
  2. Review commission agreements or help write new ones to avoid litigation;
  3. Review time records to ensure compliance with meal and rest period laws;
  4. Provide written policies for your company to ensure consistency and legal compliance.

B.  Leaves of Absence and Disability Accommodations

  1. Review any current employees who are on leave or may go on leave soon to ensure they are handled properly;
  2. Review accommodation requirements for current employees;
  3. Provide written policies for your company to ensure consistency and legal compliance.

C.  Discrimination & Retaliation

  1. Review any employees/situations of concern and advise on steps to resolve issues;
  2. Provide written policies for your company to ensure consistency and legal compliance.

The results of our HR Audit Review will be presented in a color coded written report that categorizes: (1) what areas are in good shape, (2) what areas are questionable, and (3) what areas are of highest concern. 
We will also be available for two weeks after audit to answer specific questions, with a maximum of two hours of research.

Package cost is $3,000 for businesses with 1-20 employees 
Larger employers evaluated on an individual basis

CMPR provides legal counseling and representation for all types of employment matters.  
Please call Dawn Ross or Samantha Pungprakearti for more information and to see how we can help. 


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