A substantial number of CMPR’s clients do business on an international basis. CMPR is committed to being able to support our clients’ legal needs in foreign jurisdictions. Areas where we often find we are called upon by our clients include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Cross-border tax issues
  • Immigration and employment
  • Distribution and agency arrangements
  • Licensing of intellectual property

The firm is a member of Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance of independent law and accounting firms with members located in more than 70 countries.  Membership in the Alliott Group allows us to leverage pre-qualified, high quality, in-country advice around the globe to identify potential legal, regulatory, tax and other challenges at an early stage and help in the formulation of effective business and negotiating strategies for an international marketplace. For more information on Alliott Group visit

Member of the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms

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